Digestive Enzyme Comparisons

A great digestive enzyme formulation should be designed to help digest the food we eat and to help clean the bloodstream. It must be well; rounded in protease (to digest protein), amylase (to digest carbohydrates), and lipase (to digest fats) to be truly effective, because 95% of the food we eat is protein, carbohydrates, fat. Protease, amylase, and lipase are the three most important ingredients in any digestive enzyme formulation. This is why the comparison charts only focus on these three ingredients. "The Health Nuts Ultimate Enzymes" also has five other plant enzymes within the formulation and there are also ionic minerals in the formulation that help give additional energy to help the digestive enzymes work faster and better.

Chart # 1 shows many different enzyme products . Look closely at the amount of protease, amylase and lipase in the formulations. The companies listed on chart #1 and #2 are using the correct FCC (Food Chemical Codex) labeling. This labeling certifies that the enzymes have been thoroughly tested for activity and potency. Potency is expressed in units of activity - not by weight. The units of activity are based on the Food Chemical Codex, set forth by the National Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American food industry.  FCC labeling example: If Product # 1 has 15,000 HUT of Protease and product # 2 has 45,000 HUT of Protease. Product #2 has 3 times more activity and potency than product # 1... and this fact  makes it easy to compare enzyme formulations.

Chart # 2shows how much digestive help you’re getting for your money!
These numbers are not made up... they are real. Each bottle of "The Health Nuts  Ultimate Enzymes" contains 270 capsules with 20,250,000 activity units of protease, 4,500,000 activity units of  amylase, and 1,350,000 activity units of lipase. Example Shaklee has 150 LU activity units of lipase in each capsule. For you to get the same 1,350,000 LU (activity units) of lipase that’s in 270 capsules of “The Health Nuts Ultimate Enzymes”, you would have to buy $5,595.00 of their product to equal the same amount of lipase activity in a $45.00 bottle of enzymes from “The Health Nuts.” The last column is the average cost of when adding up the three enzyme columns and dividing by 3. Most enzyme formulations are very low on lipase and lipase is the enzyme that helps digest fat. Part of the reason why people are overweight is because the fat that is being consumed is not being fully broken down properly. Most overweight people have very low levels of lipase in there body and undigested fat can easily be stored in the body and even cause serious problems.

Page 4 of the enzyme comparisons... shows many companies that don’t even have a digestive enzyme, companies that list their enzymes in milligrams and companies that do not show you what’s in their formulation. The only way to know if your getting enough digestive help is to see the enzymes listed in the FCC labeling. Many people have gotten good results with lower amounts of enzymes, but with Black Hills Health Products, Inc. Ultimate Enzymes” you’ll get specific amounts needed to do a great job digesting, cleaning up the blood and taking a huge burden off of the human body. Giving you just a little help or doing a part of the job... is not " Black Hills Health Products, Inc." motto.  We put together superior digestive enzymes to make sure you get the help you really need to improve the way your body functions. We also Publish our formulation , so you can see the activity and potency... and will know much help and what you're getting.    

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