Digestive Enzyme Comparisons (Page 4)

 Companies that don't qualify for Comparison Charts #1 and #2


Network Marketing  companies without a Digestive Enzyme product:

Advantage Nutraceuticals - Advocare - Affinity - Amway - Arbone - BalanceThree - BioMetics - Body Wise - Brain Garden - Dutch Int - Electrum Int - Enliven - Essentially Yours - Forever Living Products - Herbitrol - Immunotech - Innovative Technologies -  Intelligent Nutrients - Jurak - Karemor - Legacy USA - Le Naturel Int - Lexxus - Life Force - Lifesyles - LifeWave - Longevity - Malibu Naturals - Melaleuca - Nanci Corp - Natural Connections Inc - Natures Youth - NeuroGenesis - Nu-Med Inc - NutriHealth - Oasis Wellness - Omnitrtion - Peoplesway - Reliv Int - Sciemedica Inc - Sea-Biotics - Seaborne - SeaSilver - Sportron - Starlight International - Stimulife International - Sunrider - Symmetry - Synergy WorledWide - Tahitian Noni International - Tianshi Health Products - Usana - Vitagenex - Wellness International Network - Xango LLC - Youngevty.


The companies or products in this 2nd list don't show the actual activity and potency amounts within their enzyme formulation. Their enzyme products are listed in milligrams, or a proprietary blend, or USP units (it takes 48 UP Units of Amylase to equal 1 FCC unit of Amylase) or worse. When there are No activity and potency breakdowns listed... It is impossible to know how much help your getting from these enzyme products. There is only one way to know if an enzyme product is really helping. You must know FCC activity  and potency units, to know if you are getting a little help or plenty of help digesting your food and cleaning up your bloodstream. We do give these companies credit for having a Digestive Enzyme product and realizing that improving digestion is very important. We only wish that these companies were up to speed and would have shown their ingredients according to FCC activity and potency units, so that people using their products would have some idea how much help they are actually getting, to help digest the food eaten and help clean up the bloodstream (when taken on an empty stomach).If you are a person that wants to know how much help your getting from your digestive enzyme product... the enzyme products from the companies below are NOT for you!

4-Life Recerch - Amazon Herb Company - American Longevity - AIM - AMS - BioSynergy Health - Body Electric - Essante - For You Inc - First Fitness Int - Freedom Quest - Freelife - Global Health Trax - GNLD International - Goldshield Elite - Health Through Nutrition - Herbalife - Heritage Health - HTE Inc - Kaire - Kingsway - Lametco Int - Life Pluse - Liquidity - Loomis - Mannatech - Market America - Neways - Natures Rx -New Vision - Nikken - Pharmanex - Quixtar - Scriptures - Starfire international - Vision For Life - Vitality Life Choice - Vitamin Power - Viva Life Science - Watchers - Watkins - Wobenzyme - Young Living - Esential Oils.

Taking a great digestive enzyme product with your food and on an empty stomach... may be the most important health benefit you can give your body. If you want to give your body even more help...Take even more enzymes!! Enzymes are ENERGY... and will help do the digestive work and much more... then, your body won't have to overwork or get run down and weak.


"Black Hills Health Products Ultimate Enzyme"


75000 HUT Protease Digests protein into amino acids Our digestive enzymes come from two species of totally nontoxic fungi and they're called Aspergillus  Niger and Aspergillus Oryzae. they are grown on a medium of wheat and soybean. But there is no wheat or soybean in the product at all.  There are no fillers, and only the finest & purest quality Plant enzyme ingredients are used.                                                          
15,000 SKB Amylase Digests complex carbohydrates
5,000 Lu Lipase Digests fats and denatured fatty oils
200CU Cellulase Digests fibers from soluble sources
100 SU Sucrase Digests complex sugars and starches
250DP Maltase Digests disaccharides to monosaccharides
500 Lac U Lactase Digests lactose or dairy sugars
100 GDU Bromelain Digests protein
15 MG Ionic Minerals w/Alfalfa (These minerals are Key)

 Is digesting food faster better! Sure is! According to Dr. Howell the source of most health problems can be traced back to improperly digested or not fully digested  foods.  Making sure fully and properly digested is the key to the human body functioning properly. Undigested food particles cause major problems to the digestive system, bloodstream, the intestines, and the colon. Completely digested foods are answer or solution to many problems. The body can function better, if the foods we're eating are digested properly. On the other hand, it is impossible for the body function properly if we are not fully digesting our food properly.

Why is 75000 HUT Protease so important? In the early to mid 1990S there was an enzyme research company that did many before and after dark field microscope blood testing. They tested and tested to get the right amount of protease in a formulation to guarantee the after blood test would look great and the blood would be cleaner. With 2capsules of 75,000 HUT activity and potency, they could guarantee  the after blood testing would look beautiful... anything less than 75,000 HUT (or  150,000HUT combined and they could not guarantee the great results.

Will proper digestion of your food be determined by the amount of activity and potency within capsules? Absolutely! Take Lipase for example: 5,000 LU of lipase can break down approximately 40 grams of fat. If we were taking a formulation that had 200 LU of lipase (which would only breakdown about 1.6 grams of fat)... we would have to take 25 capsules to equal one capsule of "BHHP Ultimate Enzymes". And with two capsules of 5,000 LU.... we can break down and digest up to 80 grams of fat. Undigested fat is bad fat... fully digested fat is good fat!

Why are other digestive enzymes not as effective? Two reasons. First, most enzyme formulations don't have enough activity and potency in the capsules to be effective. Second , most companies only recommend 90 capsules for a month supply... and that just isn't enough. To help clean up the blood we recommend taking 3 capsules daily on an empty stomach. That's 90 capsules a month just to clean up the blood... and 180 capsules monthly (2 capsules with each meal) to help digest the food your eating... and together...it equals a real winning combination!

Why aren't there additional ingredients in "Black Hills Health Products" Formulation? If we added additional ingredients to the "Ultimate Enzymes," we would have to take out some of the digestive enzymes to make room for something that might not be focused on digesting the food you are eating and cleaning up the blood stream. This would lesson the activity,  potency, and effectiveness of the enzyme. If we added super foods or an antioxidant... we would end up with a good nutritional product with a good delivery system... But it would not be a great digestive enzyme product.


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