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75,000 HUT Protease Digests protein into amino acids
15,000 SKB Amylase Digests complex carbohydrates
5000 LU Lipase Digests fats and denatured fatty oils
200 CU Cellulase Digests fibers from soluble sources
100 SU Sucrase Digests complex sugars and starches
250 DP Maltase Digests disaccharides to mono saccharides
500 Lac U Lactase Digests lactose or dairy sugars
100 GDU Bromelain Is a protease enzyme also that digests protein
15 MG Ionic Minerals w/Alfalfa
Almost all degenerative diseases stem from a lack of complete digestion and improper elimination of what we ingest into our bodies. Your body requires enzymes and minerals to regulate every biochemical and metabolic process in our bodies as well as all living things. Protealytic enzymes have been found to increase the immune system’s macrophage (white blood cell) activity by up to 700% and increase T-Cell (cancer fighting cell) production and activity by as much as 1300% within a very short period of time after ingestion!!!….Ultimate Enzymes taken with food will help digest meals and snacks. When taken on an empty stomach they will help clean up the blood from years of past poor eating habits. Only the finest quality Aspergillus oryzae and Niger are utilized in this formulation.
No Fillers Added!
each capsule contains:
30 MG 24/6% Ginko Biloba Ext ENZYMES DELIVERY SYSTEM
30 MG Co-Enzyme Q-10 20,350 HUT Protease
50 MG Activin (Grape seed extract) 2,100 SKB Amylase
50 MG Pine Bark extract 90% 130 LU Lipase
100 MG Cats Claw extract 100% 4:1 65 CU Cellulase
100 MG Shark Cartilage 100% pure 25 SU Sucrase
65 DP Maltase
130 ALU Lactase
5 MG Ionic Minerals w/Alfalfa
Supplemental nutrition is becoming more necessary each day. Our polluted environment (air, water and soil) coupled with the increased use of chemicals in farming produce foods that are nutritionally deficient. We need nutritional formulations that the body can absorb and utilize. Each Health Nuts Ultimate Anti-Oxidant capsule contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phyto-nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. The enzyme delivery system within the Ultimate Anti-Oxidant assures utilization of the product. 
Ginko Biloba: shown to increase arterial vascularity and increase oxygen to the brain.
Co-Enzyme Q-10:Improves the arterial system and strengthens the heart muscle and immune system.
Activin (Grape seed extract 95+): An antioxidant 20times more effective than Vitamin C.
Pine Bark Extract 90%: Has Proanthocyanidas which has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.
Cats Claw Extract: Herb that has been shown to decrease high blood pressure and cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract.
Shark Cartilage 100% pure: has Shown to inhibit tumor growths.


Four(4) size 00 capsules contains:
1,200 MG MSM (OptiMSM)
250 MG Chondrotin Sulfate (Sodium Free)
10,000 SKB Amylase 10,000 HUT Protease
750 MG Cetyl Myristoleate Complex 150 MG (Active Cetyl
200 LU Lipase 50 CU Cellulase

ULTRA COMPLEX Ultimate Muti-Vitamin/Mineral Complex
Three (3) capsules contains:
25,000 IU Betacarotene (BetaTab) 500 MG C (Calcium Ascorbate)
400 IU D-3 (Cholecalciferol) 200 IU E (d-alpha tocopherol succinate)
50 MG B-1 (Thiamine) 50 MG B-2 (Riboflavin)
50 MG B-3 (Niacinamide) 50 MG B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL)
800 MCG Folic Acid 500 MCG B-12 (Cyanocobalamin)
50 MCG Biotin 50 MG B-5 (Panothenic Acid)
50 MG Magnesium (Citrate) 15 MG Zinc (Picolinate)
50 MCG Selenium (Selenomethionine) 100 MCG Chromate (Chromium Polynicotinate)
50 MG Potassium (Citrate) 61 MG Calcium (Ascorbate)
39 MG Calcium (Citrate) 20 MG Citrus BioComplex
20 MG Rutin 50 MG PABA
50 MG Green Tea Ext. 98%Polyphenols/80%Catechins 30 MCG K-1 (Phytonadione)
50 MG Choline (Bitartrate) 15 MG N-Acetyl Cysteine
10 MG L-Glutathione 150 MCG Iodine (Kelp)
3 MG Boron (AAC) 20 MG Spirulina
20 MG Chlorella 20 MG Barley Grass
20 MG Alfalfa Leaf 20 MG Siberian Ginseng
20 MG Bee Pollen 10 MG Echinacea Angustifolia Herb
10 MG Goldenseal Root 15 MG Royal Jelly
15 MG Mushroom Reishi 15 MG Mushroom Shitake
45 MG Shark Cartilage 18,750 HUT Protease
3,750 SKB Amylase 125 FIP (1,250 LU) Lipase
62 CU Cellulase 25 SU Sucrase
125 ALU Lactase 436,000 PU (25 GDU) Bromelain
Other ingredients: Cellulose, silica, and magnesium stearate.


contains the following:
Psyllium Seed Psyllium softens stools, treats constipation and protects scraped tissues
Aloe Vera Powder Taken internally, soothes stomach irritation, aids in healing and has laxative properties.
Barberry Root Decreases heart rate, slows breathing, reduces bronchial constriction, kills bacteria on the skin, and stimulates intestinal movement.
Cascara Segrada Acts as a colon cleanser and as a laxative. Useful for colon disorders, constipation and parasitic infestation.
Senna Leaf Purgative. Its actions being chiefly on the lower bowel, it is especially suitable in habitual constiveness. It increases the peristaltic movements of the colon by its local action upon the intestinal wall.
Rhubarb Eliminates worms, enhances gallbladder function, and has antibiotic properties. Helps disorders of the colon, spleen and liver.
Slippery Elm Bark Soothes inflamed mucous membranes of the bowels, stomach and urinary tract.
Cayenne 40,000 H.U. Aids digestion, improves circulation and stops bleeding from ulcers. Acts as a catalyst for other herbs.
Fat 0.6 g Supports the Immune System
Supports the body's renewal process
100% first-milking colostrum
Vitamin A 654 I.U.
Vitamin C 7.5 mg
Calcium 44 mg
Bovine Colostrum 1500 mg
Colostrum is the first mammary secretion that every mammal gives its newborn. It is produced by the mother for only a short period of time before milk is produced. It contains numerous compounds which affect more than 50 processes in the body, ranging from immunity to regeneration and growth of all types of cells. For years, the western world has ignored the powerful influence of nature's first food. However, recent study has shown it to be extremely beneficial, not only for the newborn, but for animals and humans of all ages.
Protein 11.76 g Carbohydrates 68.15 g
Fiber 5.19 g Mineral Salts 4.02 g
Humidity 9.89 g Fat 0.99 g
Potassium 1,650 mg Phosphorus 351 mg
Calcium 366 mg Sulfur 309 mg
Peruvian MACA is a powerful adaptogenic herb proven to supply 60 phyto-chemicals necessary to bring optimum-nutrition and sustainable energy to the human body. Whether you are just looking for more energy and stamina or you are battling menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness etc….MACA has something beneficial for you.


Ellagic Acid may be one of the most potent ways to fight cancer. Ellagic Acid, a phenolic compound, is a proven anti-carcinogen, and anti-cancer initiator!
The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina is doing a double blind study on a large group of 500 cervical cancer patients that has everyone excited.
They are excited because their past nine years of study have shown that a natural product called ellagic acid is causing G-arrest within 48 hours (inhibiting and stopping mitosis-cancer cell division), and apoptosis (normal cell death) with 72 hours, for breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells.
Clinical tests also show that ellagic acid prevents the destruction of the p53 gene by cancer cells.
 Additional studies suggest that one of the mechanisms by which ellagic acid inhibits mutagenesis and carcinogenesis is by forming adducts with DNA, thus masking binding sites to be occupied by the mutagen or carcinogen.
Ellagic acid can be found in different foods, but the clinic has identified the red raspberry as having the highest content of the acid.
Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring phenolic constituent in certain fruits and nuts. Research in the past decade confirms that ellagic acid markedly inhibits the ability of other chemicals to cause mutations in bacteria. Ellagic acid from red raspberries has proven as an effective antimutagen and anticarcinogen as well as a inhibitor of cancer.
Dr Daniel Nixon, MUSC, began studying the ellagic acid in red raspberries in 1993.
His recently published results show:
  • Cervical cancer cells - HPV (human papilloma virus) exposed to ellagic acid from red raspberries experienced apoptosis (normal cell death).
  • Ellagic acid leads to G1 arrest of cancer cells, thus inhibiting and stopping mitosis (cancer cell division).
  • Ellagic acid from red
  • raspberries prevents destruction of the P53 gene by cancer cells. P53 is regarded as the safeguard of mutagenic activity in cervical cells.
    • Tests reveal similar results for breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells.
    • Consuming one cup (150 grams) of red raspberries per day prevents the development of cancer cells.
These statements have not been evaluated by the food and rug administration.
The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, care or prevent any disease.
Mineral Waters

Iconic Mineral Waters

 The human body needs water to break down, and make better use of the foods and supplements we take in. Liquid products such as medicines or herbs and vitamins are absorbed quicker and used more thoroughly by
the body.  Since the human body vitally needs what are called trace elements or small doses of minerals which are extremely difficult to properly measure and regulate in solid form. The Health Nuts Mineral Waters has already done this for you. By introducing our new line of Iconic Mineral Waters we have taken the extreme difficulty out of getting just the right amount of minerals required in measurable quantities through proper
dilution in our iconic water.

Each of the vital minerals needed are listed on our Mineral Waters information Page so come and check us out.


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