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Oatmeal Test
The Proof is in the Oatmeal!
 Take 1 package of instant oatmeal

  Do this experiment! Cook the oatmeal according to package instructions using as little liquid as possible (Can be thick and lumpy), in a glass container to hold the heat. When cooked remove from heat source and break open one capsule of Ultimate Enzymes and mix into oatmeal. Watch the
  Ultimate Enzymes work right before your eyes! You will be amazed!               

Try this experiment with any type of Health Supplement

Try the above experiment with any type of health supplement you are presently taking, weather it is a capsule,  powder or tablet. Put the recommended dosage into the oatmeal (tablets must be crushed first). If the supplement does not break down the oatmeal your body cannot utilize the supplement to assimilate it into the blood stream.

Why do we need Enzymes?

****Almost all Degenerative diseases stem from a lack of complete digestion and improper elimination of what we ingest into our bodies.

**** Your body requires enzymes and minerals to regulate every biochemical and metabolic process in our bodies as well as all living things


**** Protolitic enzymes have been found to increase the immune system's macrophage (white blood cell) activity by as much as 700%  and ...


**** Increase T cell (cancer fighting cell ) production and activity by as much as 1300% within a very short period of time after ingestion!


**** For the highest activity and complete digestion, you need 2 to 3 Ultimate Enzyme capsules with every meal and snack.


                Start living the life you were genetically designed to!


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