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Of the many challenges that North Americans face, problems with the digestive system are among the most dangerous.  Problems with the large intestine, more commonly known as the colon, are at the top of that list.  Many of us don't realize how important regularity is to our health.  According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., PH.D., the definition of regularity is 2-3 bowel movements per day.  According to the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain " More than 65 different health challenges are caused by a toxic colon."

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph. D., Nutritionist

As Dr. Jensen states in his book, Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management " Imagine What  would be the result of a pump failure in a city's sewer system.  What would happen if the pipes got plugged up with some unmovable material so that the system failed to move the waste?  It wouldn't take very long before a crises developed and a huge sanitation problem would threaten health and society."

                                Ballooned Sigmoid

Normal Colon                                              Ballooned Sigmoid

Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.SC., Ph. D.

" Few of us realize failure to effectively eliminate waste products from the body causes so much fermentation and putrification (rotting of waste matter) in the colon that our neglected accumulation of waste can, and frequently does, result in a lingering demise!  Infirmity and sickness.... is a result of allowing the intestines to remain loaded with waste matter."

From Colon Health, The Key to a Vibrant Life

by Norman W Walker, D.SC., PHD


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