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24/6 Ginko Biloba Extract:  In the category of supplements beneficial to the mind, one that should head the list is Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE).  Made from the leaves of the gingko biloba tree, this extract has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in the enhancement of the mind and the prevention and treatment of mind ailments.  In addition, GBE is beneficial for cardiovascular health, which enhances general health and well-being.  With a current research record of 400 published studies and reports, as well as several books, GBE is one of the best researched herbal medicines in the world.  GBE increases circulation to the brain and the extremities of the body.  It also makes circulation more efficient by regulating the tone and elasticity of blood vessels - an action found in both the arteries and capillaries.  One study demonstrated a 57% increase in blood flow through the nail-fold capillaries in the hands within one hour of taking GBE.

Co-Enzyme Q-10:  a vitamin like compound essential for cardiovascular and immune function and energy generation.  Studies have shown that Co-enzyme !-10 can reduce fatigue and lesson age-related rigidity of the heart allowing it to become more flexible.  In other words, it can keep your heart younger.  Co-enzyme !-10 has been linked to lowered cholesterol levels and a reduction in oxidative damage to blood vessels.

Grape Seed Extract:  responsible for stopping free radicals that ere damaged molecules from exposure to chemical fumes, electrical equipment and stress.  These free radicals damage healthy cells causing a variety of degenerative problems.  Antioxidants such as Grape Seed Extract step free radicals by repairing the damaged molecule.  They also help with inflammation and reduce histamine production, restore capillary integrity and improve circulation.

Pine Bark Extract: an effective antioxidant, one of the original sources of antioxidants, fifty times stronger that Vitamin C as an antioxidant.  Pine Bark Extract helps our bodies \resist blood vessel and skin damage, mental deterioration, inflammation and other damage caused by free radicals. Free radical damage is a common factor in a host of non-germ diseases, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis and accelerated aging.  Free radicals do a lot of damage in the body, ranging from attacking the DNA that regenerates our body, to impairing cell membranes.  Once free radicals are produced, they multiply geometrically in chain reactions unless they are quenched by antioxidants.  Pine Bark Extract does more than protect.  It helps repair by improving and stabilizing the skin protein collagen and improving the condition of arteries and capillaries.

Cats Claw:  a herb that grows wild in the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon.  It has been useful for hundreds of years by native Indians for the treatment of a wide range of health problems associated with the immune and digestive systems.  Research has suggested that Cats Claw may be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, ulcers, systemic candida, PMS and irregular female cycle, environmental toxic poisoning, harmful chemotherapy effects, and those infected with the HIV virus.

Shark Cartilage:  has received a lot of media attention for its ability to inhibit tumor growth.  In 1991, results from a Texas study were released where eight women with advanced breast tumors had them significantly reduced in size.  Two women experienced disappearance of their uterine fibroid tumors.  Research also found that Shark Cartilage is successful in reducing pain in approximately 70% of osteoarthritis cases and 60% of rheumatoid arthritis cases.

Assimilation System:  The combination of high energy, broad range pH activity, plant enzymes and supercharged ionic minerals, coupled with this assimilation system, delivers the full potential of nutritional supplementation at the cellular level.  The assimilation system guarantees full assimilation of the highest quality product your body needs and will utilize.  The single ionic minerals used here enhances the activity of the they can perform the chemical changes in the body that are needed for complete digestion and for all bodily functions.  Single ionic minerals provide a much higher level of energy compared to the other mineral forms, which means better digestion and utilization at the cellular level.

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