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maca powder MACA
Protein 11.76 g Carbohydrates 68.15 g
Fiber 5.19 g Mineral Salts 4.02 g
Humidity 9.89 g Fat 0.99 g
Potassium 1,650 mg Phosphorus 351 mg
Calcium 366 mg Sulfur 309 mg
Peruvian MACA is a powerful adaptogenic herb proven to supply 60 phyto-chemicals necessary to bring optimum-nutrition and sustainable energy to the human body. Whether you are just looking for more energy and stamina or you are battling menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness etc….MACA has something beneficial for you.
Peruvian MACA contains naturally occurring glucosinolates and isothiocyanates which can block the formation of carcinogens. It also contains newly described macamides and macacenes that may be responsible for the mood elevating properties reported by depressed patients taking Maca and there is conclusive evidence that these alkaloids are responsible for rekindled sexual abilities.
Utilized by the pre-Inca cultures in Peru for centuries to supply stamina to their armies and increase fertility in humans and animals. Peruvian Maca was revered for its sexual enhancing abilities and was often used as payment to the Inca royalty. But with the fall of the Inca Empire, the plants nearly faded from use and it was thought that by the mid 1980's only a few acres remained in the world. The high-powered roots of Maca were on the verge of extinction in the high Andes.
Thanks to the work of some adventurous herbalists, Peruvian Maca has been saved from the “Lost crops of the Andes“.
The adaptogenic properties of pure Peruvian Maca are now being tested worldwide to show how Maca assists the body to calm the nerves, ease tension, assuage the tired adrenal glands and produce sustainable concentration and enhanced sexual abilities. Peruvian Maca offers unheralded endurance for office workers and athletes alike, making all day stamina possible without a let down and without the negative effects endured with common energizers like caffeine and central nervous system stimulants.
Maca supports your bodies natural energy centers supplying you with a constant level of energy while increasing your endurance and stamina.
MACA, the plant, is a cruciferous root plant native to the highlands in Peru. It grows only at high altitudes, between 11,500 and 14,500 feet, leaving limited regions in the world where it can be grown. Except for a few coarse grasses very little can grow in the harsh environment where Maca is found. When fresh, Maca looks like a small turnip and is considered a treat when baked or roasted in ashes or between hot stones. The majority of the harvest is sun dried (up to two months) and stored for later use. Dried Maca root can be stored for many years without losing its nutritional value. Maca has been cultivated and used for thousands of years by the native peoples of the region for its nutritional food values and beneficial health effects. Maca is an adaptogen. To be considered an adaptogen, a plant must be nontoxic and totally harmless to the body. It must allow the continuing normal physiological functioning of the individual. The action it exerts must be nonspecific and should maintain and normalize body functions irrespective of existing pathological condition. In other words, its beneficial effects are appropriate to the age and sex of the person using it, benefiting several systems simultaneously while not harming any system of the body. Maca is a means to bring your hormonal levels up to normal without adding outside hormones to your system. Many doctors believe that when you supplement with hormones you might cause your glands to atrophy, shutting down your bodies ability to produce your own hormones. Maca is a nontoxic solution with no downside effects.

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